Travel to Santorini: These are the best of Santorini


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The most great walk

Follow the path to the eyebrow of the Caldera. From Fira to Oia the journey takes 3 hours and from Imerovigli, if you can not stand them, one less. It is worth making a detour to Skaro and reach the church of Theoskepasti at the back for another magical view of the Caldera.

The most beautiful boating

Take the boat from Oia or Fira for the excursion to the volcano, Kameni and Thirasia and of course dive in Hot Waters for a more effective mud bath than in the most sought after spa.

The best dives

In Agios Nikolas, the picturesque island with the small church behind Ammoudi. The path after the taverns will lead you.

The most popular sunset

It is unfortunately the most congested. Let from Oia you can see the sun sinking in the sea from only one point, the Castle of Agios Nikolaos. Try these alternatives from Kyra-Panagia in Finikia, from Imerovigli (with the surrounding islands of Folegandros, Ios and Sikinos emerging as the sun sets), from the Lighthouse to Akrotiri and, if given the opportunity, on board.

The most breathtaking view in the Caldera

From the courtyard of the church of Agios Georgios in Imerovigli, above the rock of Skaros, you will see the most beautiful -according to the expert Mr. Lignos and founder of the Folklore Museum of Santorini- “balcony” of the Caldera.

What not to miss

The red beach. You will see black wherever you go in Santorini but red is one and you must see it!

The best view from above

From the historic monastery of Profitis Ilias in Pyrgos, the highest point of the island, your gaze will embrace all of Santorini and the neighboring islands as if you were looking at an aerial photograph.

The best ouzo setting ever

In Ammoudi you will feel that the ouzo ritual was created for such a moment. In the tavern of Katina, where the situation started, it is necessary to order its famous tomato meatballs and homemade taramosalata and to Dimitris all its seafood delicacies and the scorpion on greaseproof paper on the coals.

The steps you need to measure

Because only then will you know exactly how many there are: 586 or 587 from the old port in Fira? 214 or 235 from Oia to Ammoudi? 286, 291 or 300 from Oia to Armeni? If you like sports, you can also count the churches in Oia to get them from 60 to 79.

The most private beach

In Mouzakia, between Oia and Imerovigli, where you can only go by boat, you will swim in the most crystal clear waters you can imagine.

The local “urban” myth

The cave behind the church of the Holy Seven Children comes out on the other side of the island, in Kyra-Panagia.


A medieval inland jewel has been a monument since 1995. It was the old capital of Santorini and one of the five tower cities founded by the Venetians in the 15th century. The new hot spot of the island offers unlimited views to Fira, Oia and the plain of Messaria and another magical sunset. The choice of the picturesque Tower for last year’s opening of Franco’s (22860 33957) by Franco Colombo at the “top” of the island and the restaurant Selini that moved here after 25 years of history in Fira is not accidental.

Flavors from Santorini

The food in Santorini is one of the reasons that will make you return to the island. In the restaurants and taverns of the island, inspired chefs and cooks hold high the bar of good food based on the rich tradition of the place.

The pure and delicious local products of the Santorini land give extra points to the taste of even the simplest dish. The anhydrous tomato that stars in many dishes (such as the famous tomato meatballs), the white eggplant, the Santorini fava and the local capers, are the most important.

The great Santorini wines complete the unique gastronomic experience that the island offers. Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mantilaria and Mavrotragano are just some of the dozens of indigenous varieties that have been growing on the island for centuries, sinking their roots in the volcanic soil.

Of course, you will not miss to try the famous Vinsanto, the sweet wine with a very special aroma, which has won countless awards both in Greece and abroad.

If you want to learn the secrets of the famous Santorini wine, you will find excellent wineries, such as Santo Wines, Hatzidaki Winery, Gavalas Winery, Ktima Sigala, Estate Argyros, Gaia Winery etc.

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