Ship blockages-5 mistakes that sink your boat


Ship blockages – 5 mistakes that can sink your boat

Our experience in the field of blockages makes us know from the inside, the mistakes that are made and a ship is driven to the bottom of the sea. The specialized personnel in the blockages Αποφράξεις Αντωνίουare by your side, for your every need.

That’s why we share with you the five most common mistakes that cause a ship to sink so that you never find yourself in the same position.

1. Don’t forget to keep your boat clean

We do not mean for washing and waxing, but for the dirt and rubbish that they clean only with a blockage of the sheet. One of the common reasons boats sink is when the water collector pump or the float pump switch of the water tank fills with sand and dirt.

Another common cause of sinking in the dock is when the leaves clog the holes in the deck that allow the water to collect back. Keep the deck and gutters clean, and your boat is more likely to stay afloat, especially when it stays in the water all year round.

2. Delay in standard maintenance

Most shipowners neglect to maintain the piping and this results in the sinking of their ship. For example, if you still want to spend a season with rusty pipes, you may have a problem with leaks. Another problem is to delay the maintenance of the outboard engine, even though the tires are visibly worn. To avoid such problems in the future, make sure that your boat is in excellent condition to prevent sinking.

3. Unforeseen weather conditions

It is tempting to go out to sea when the weather is less than ideal, especially if the fish are biting or the breeze is ideal for sailing. But the wrong decision can expose your boat to marine conditions that you or your boat simply cannot handle. if the boat is used professionally and you cannot avoid the sea with difficult weather then you should not overdo it and be very careful without exceeding the limits. Always check the weather before you start so you don’t end up in the middle of the sea.

4. Frequent extreme use

Frequent and extreme use can be devastating for a number of reasons. If you are traveling in the wild, you may find yourself stuck in a dry land. If you hit the keel, you could uproot or loosen the bolts securing it to the rest of your boat.

In extreme cases, it can even cause your boat to crack or break. And since an engine’s water pump can get stuck or damaged by sand and rubbing, it can even lead to power loss, which in turn can lead to sinking.

5. Don’t forget to turn on the drain pump

The most common and common cause of a ship sinking is an inactive water pump. No matter how experienced and expert the boat operator is, he often forgets to turn on the drain pump. As a result, the water that hits the boat with the waves on its way to the sea enters the deck and the body of the boat and stays there, raising the water level of the boat very quickly.

Another reason for drainage that is associated with the cleaning and maintenance of the ship is that the seawater has the property due to the salt to corrode the pipes. Drainage prevents water from remaining in the pipes so it increases their durability over time.

Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου suggests that you always leave a backup pump running so you can get extra help every time you realize something bad is happening. Always double-check the checklist before you leave. We are by your side in every need that will be presented so that we can deal with it with the modern technological means that we have in “Apofraxeis Antoniou” for ship unblocking.


Ship unblocking services

With long experience in ship blocking, we offer services such as:

  • Maintenance of plumbing:
    One way to prevent costly repairs to your boat is to have a regular maintenance schedule. Because many problems with your pipes are escaping, a thorough inspection is the key to finding small problems before they develop.Hidden leaks in the sink or under water heaters are more than just a nuisance. Over time, they can cause structural damage. After all, water that penetrates drywall or wood contributes to the growth.
  • Routine maintenance work:
    Control is the foundation of any additional maintenance. Take a look at your boat’s plumbing. Examine all pipes, including sinks and behind toilets for any signs of moisture. On a wet day, some signs of moisture in a cold metal pipe are normal.Note any moisture and check the pipes again when your boat is cooler. Check for signs of corrosion on copper fittings, corrosion occurs faster in liquid metals. This could reveal a rusty connection as a result of a small leak.Open water taps in sinks, showers, and bathtubs to monitor water pressure. Some variation between the different fountain styles is normal, but all together they should have a steady smooth flow.
  • Professional inspections:
    The inspections of your boat’s experienced -Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου- will give you a more in-depth look at your boat’s pipes and drains. The specialized staff will check exactly what you need for the proper operation of the boat and to avoid the risk of sinking.Note how quickly you drain the water after testing the tap. A slow drain can mean a small blockage in the pipes. While doing your checks, flush the toilets to make sure there is no leak at the base, a sign of another problem.

More detailed evaluations may include inspection of the tubes with video, lead testing and control of the filtration system. So “Apofraxeis Antoniou” are ready to take over the blocking of ships, as well as the blocking of the sheet.

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