Advantages of piano lessons


Advantages of piano lessons

The piano, with its polyphonic capabilities, the extremely rich repertoire and the wide participation ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα in chamber music ensembles, but also as an accompaniment instrument holds a special place among the instruments of classical music and is placed at the top of the preferences of young students. At the same time, it plays a key role in the development of the performers of all the instruments, acting as an irreplaceable tool for the understanding of the language of music and the development of the listening skills of the new student.

Learning to play the piano

Learning the piano comes to fill essential gaps left by school education and modern living conditions in the global development of the individual personality. I share, I collaborate, I trust, I insist, these are the key words for the successful learning of the instrument and at the same time the spiritual and mental skills that the child develops through this process.

It is scientifically proven that the coordination of mind, body and soul necessary for the interpretation of the piano offers benefits in the development of the brain, enhances the degree of concentration, memory skills, self-control and multitasking skills of the individual (multitasking). At the same time, through the interpersonal contact with the teacher, the student’s ability to cooperate constructively to achieve a result is built, but also to invest patiently time and effort in achieving long-term goals.

Individual piano lessons

Piano lessons are individual at all levels. At the same time our students have the opportunity to attend and participate in many group activities. Open lessons, thematic concerts and participation in ensembles, promote the creation of a pleasant climate of knowledge while the dynamics of the group strengthens the child in his individual course. At the National Conservatory, the combination of individual effort and group action is considered vital for the integrated development of young musicians. Upon completion of his studies, the young musician is perfectly equipped to cope with the demands of the modern, demanding professional arena.

Learning the piano exersices

Many students tend to ask us: “Do I have to learn every piece by heart”

Nothing is mandatory up to the degree level. In the diploma exams, the execution of the pieces from memory is required. Nevertheless, memorization is a topic that still concerns not only students but also pianists, soloists and teachers.

Do I have to learn the pieces for the concert or the exams from outside? Do I have to force students to learn the scores from the outside level? Going deeper into the subject, you will discover that there are pros and cons to memorizing the score. The conclusion is yours to make…

Advantages of memorization

One can “see” beyond the notes, the score in its entirety, and focus on the interpretation of each composition.
Visual contact with the fingers, especially beneficial when playing pieces with complex harmonies and difficult technical passages.
If a track has been memorized, clicking on the speed & completion of a melodic line to avoid turning the page is avoided.
Turning the pages, even someone sitting next to you turning the pages, in a concert, distracts the audience from the music.

Disadvantages of memorization

Important details of the score are often sacrificed on the altar of remembrance, which is difficult for the mind to hold onto. When memorization becomes an end in itself, all the magic of the score learning process is lost.
‘When memorization is not done accurately & has deficiencies, it is very difficult for the teacher to intervene with corrections. The student has made “his property”, with the many repetitions, the mistakes.

When the memorization is at “about”, the dilemma arises as to whether the piece should be played from the inside or from the outside (in concert or exams). Usually, when students choose to have the score in front of them, the moment they feel the need to look at it, they become disoriented and make mistakes.

Join the group

If you wish to find a tutor for your children or yourself, you need to search in the database of There, you can create an account and find your tutor. In the profile of the teacher, you can see the region, details of studying, availability and hours and you can of course contact them for more information. In between the teaching subjects, you can find primary school teachers, music teachers, people delivering computer lessons, high school tutors, even professors delivering university electives.

You can also ask the teachers if they are able to deliver their classes in person -in case they are located near you- or if they are delivering online private classes.

See more about private lessons:

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